Bota Alta

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The Shop

The lively, informal atmosphere of this small restaurant has been a favorite choice of tourists and locals since the 1970s when it opened.

Shop History

The "Bota Alta" was founded by António Cassiano. With his death the management of the restaurant was in charge of his nephew Paulo Cassiano Ribeiro.

Products and Services


Business Hours

segunda-feira 12:00 00:00
terça-feira 12:00 00:00
quarta-feira 12:00 00:00
quinta-feira 12:00 00:00
sexta-feira 12:00 00:00
sábado 19:00 00:00
Additional information:

Closes on Sundays


Parish: Misericórdia
Address: Travessa da Queimada 35-37 , 1200-364 Lisboa
Postal Code: 1200-364 Lisboa

General Data

Main activity: Restaurants, pubs, café and Hotels
Opening Year: 1976
Main Code of Economic Activity (CAE): 56101