Legal Framework

The "Commerce with History" project rises from the recommendations contained in Resolution No. 100/2016 of the National Parliament, dated June 6, 2016, regarding the definition of criteria for the classification of "historic store", in order to allow the creation of a distinctive identification to be attributed to these commercial and services establishments and entities, in cooperation with local authorities, in order to contribute to their recognition and appreciation, as well as from the publication of Law no. 42/2017 of 14 June, which establishes the regime of recognition and protection of establishments and entities of historical, cultural or social interest.

Under Law 42/2017, of June 14, legislative changes were made to the following laws:

  • Law no. 6/2006, of February 27, approving the NRAU - New Urban Lease Scheme, amended by Law no. 31/2012, of August 14, and by Law no. 79/2014, of 19 December: amendment of Article 51;
  • Decree-Law no. 157/2006, of 8 August, which approves the Legal Regime for works on leased buildings, as amended by Decree-Law no. 306/2009, of October 23, by Law no. 30 / 2012 of 14 August and by Law no. 79/2014 of 19 December: amendment of Articles 6 and 7 and addition of Article 7a.