Alambique Bar

  • Alambique Bar

  • With three distinct areas on different floors, it is a stone-lined bar, with wooden details, a place for socialising and with ample space for dancing and live music

  • The Alambique Bar also has a mezzanine that serves as a games room and, outside, there are two terraces

The Shop

A bar with pub characteristics, inspired by European trips inserted in the context of folklore made by the first owners.
With three distinct areas on different floors, it is a bar lined with stone, with wooden details, a convivial place with a large space for dancing and live music and with a mezzanine that serves as a games room. Outside, on the different floors, there are two terraces.

Shop History

It all started on the 8th of December 1976 with Manuel Pinto da Costa who occupied the existing space with the Retiro O Alambique, the remaining space was a wine cellar where all the wine from the family vineyards was stored.
Retiro O Alambique was the place for weekly gatherings, where fado had a captive place, the musical chords came out of Manuel Pinto da Costa’s guitar, the voices of those who liked to sing (from Majorca) and many evenings with the presence of voices from Coimbra.
In a natural way this space also started to be frequented by the youngest, and from week to week the space was being transformed. The wine production was ending and the space where the barrels, the alembic, the press and the wine cellar were, was being substituted by an open area available to dance slows, disco sound and many times folklore.
The nights spent distilling brandy, jeropiga, água-pé and wine and the bucolic of this bustle accompanied by the sounds of guitars gave way to the music of the 80’s with vinyl records, stereo, crystal balls, lights and parties with friends becoming a meeting point on Friday and Saturday nights.
The question arose – "Why not open the space to the public, make a bar, a younger space?" – Thought and Done. From there Alambique Bar was born.
Later, on 24 April 1996 the name of the street was given to the name of the owner of the Alambique Bar, thus becoming – Rua Manuel Pinto da Costa.

Products and Services

Bar and cafeteria with take-away service

Business Hours

segunda-feira 13:00 04:00
terça-feira 13:00 04:00
quarta-feira 13:00 04:00
quinta-feira 13:00 04:00
sexta-feira 13:00 04:00
sábado 13:00 04:00
domingo 13:00 04:00


Parish: Maiorca
Address: Rua Manuel Pinto da Costa 13 , 3090-475 Maiorca
Postal Code: 3090-475 Maiorca

General Data

Main activity: Culture and leisure
Opening Year: 1996
Main Code of Economic Activity (CAE): 56301