António Faustino de Abreu

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  • Scale © CMF

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The Shop

António Faustino de Abreu Hardware Shop is a three storey building which preserves its original structures: wooden beams supported by stone masonry walls. The shop preserves the old cabinets and the staircases, a pulley from the 80s and antique scales, now used as ornamental elements.
The building is one of simple lines, an indication of its time of construction (late XIX and early XX century, built before 1940), a construction style which is scarcely found in the city at present time, despite being one common to port city’s warehouses in the previously mentioned time period. Having this reality into consideration, it is relevant that the building preserves its original features and use.

Shop History

António Faustino de Abreu Hardware Shop was opened in 1940. It moved to Castanheiro Street in 1986 where its facilities can be currently found.
It is a reference location for the collective memory of the local in the acquisition of hardware and construction materials. Its first anniversary was newsworthy. It is also a landmark of the urban and commercial life, being located in a noble part of the city were this type of commerce is not common.

Products and Services

In this location, the client has direct access to a complete supply of hardware, paints, tools, construction materials, nets, wires, metal sheets, among other products.
The personalised service and the acquired knowledge are added value to the António Faustino de Abreu Hardware Shop.

Business Hours

segunda-feira 08:30 18:00
terça-feira 08:30 18:00
quarta-feira 08:30 18:00
quinta-feira 08:30 18:00
sexta-feira 08:30 18:00
sábado 08:30 12:30
Additional information:

Closed on Sunday and Holidays.


Parish: Funchal (Sé)
Address: Rua do Castanheiro 7 – 9 , 9000-081 Funchal
Postal Code: 9000-081 Funchal

General Data

Main activity: Home, décor and DIY
Opening Year: 1940
Main Code of Economic Activity (CAE): 47521