Associação Real República do Bota-Abaixo

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Real República do Bota-Abaixo Association

Shop History

The Real República Bota Abaixo Association, founded in 1989 as a República, is guided by its cultural activity addressed to students and to the  general population. The República coat of arms, identity symbol of the house, is different from all the others because is the first with no “praxe” [academic traditions] symbols or references. During the academic crisis of 1969, the Repúblicas Council proclaimed the academic mourning. Officially, the mourning was never cancelled, that is why many of the Repúblicas of Coimbra are against the “praxe”.

Products and Services

True replacement communities, alternative households from those left in hometown, the Repúblicas (communal houses for students) are more than just student or university residences, representing the traditional academic life of Coimbra, with all that this entails, from the bohemian life to the ideological aspects.

Business Hours

segunda-feira 00:00 23:59
terça-feira 00:00 23:59
quarta-feira 00:00 23:59
quinta-feira 00:00 23:59
sexta-feira 00:00 23:59
sábado 00:00 23:59
domingo 00:00 23:59
Additional information:

Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week


Parish: União das freguesias de Coimbra (Sé Nova, Santa Cruz, Almedina e São Bartolomeu)
Address: Rua de São Salvador 6 , 3000-373 Coimbra
Postal Code: 3000-373 Coimbra

General Data

Main activity: Culture and leisure
Opening Year: 1989
Main Code of Economic Activity (CAE): 55900