Bar Bafo de Baco

  • Exhibition of posters of many of the concerts held at Bafo de Baco.

  • Horácio Costa, the owner, in front of the bar.

  • Bafo de Baco show room.

  • Bar space, exhibition and meeting place.

  • Merchandising of the international brand “Bafo de Baco”.

The Shop

Bafo de Baco has been open since October 1992 and since then it has established itself as a reference room in live music.
This is a bar space on normal days of the week and usually on Saturday as a concert hall.

Shop History

Bafo de Baco opened in 1992, at Afonso de Albuquerque Street, 26, in Loulé, which left the young louletanos expectant of what would develop there. The location was not good at all, especially for those who were used to everything happening in the city center.
From the outset, although it was initially thought of as a cover music space, Bafo de Baco was also a place for "originals", experimentation and new musical proposals.
The use of a decorative space, merchandising and dynamics that push us into the atmosphere of the French caveau and Liverpool pubs, Bacchus Bafo has remained with the purpose for which it was created. A difficult task in such a dispersed region and time.
The madness of this dream, which currently crosses the borders of the country, was Horacio Costa, the "Major", who remains the helmsman of this boat sometimes at risk of drift when recognition is scarce. Other times almost sinking, when it is no longer enough to hear and see names like Nashville Pussy or Tim Vantol (and many others, Portuguese and foreign). Always full, always open. For two, three, four generations. And more will come.

Products and Services

Concert hall, live music and bar.

Business Hours

segunda-feira 00:00 00:00
terça-feira 00:00 00:00
quarta-feira 21:00 02:00
quinta-feira 21:00 02:00
sexta-feira 22:00 04:00
sábado 22:00 04:00
domingo 00:00 00:00
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Parish: Loulé (São Clemente)
Address: Rua Afonso de Albuquerque 26 R/C, 8100-532 Loulé
Postal Code: 8100-532 Loulé

General Data

Main activity: Restaurants, pubs, café and Hotels
Opening Year: 1992
Main Code of Economic Activity (CAE): 56302