Bazar Moderno

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The Shop

Bazar Moderno – “Place with History”
since 1910
Centenary store, with drugstore furniture, restored and renewed in 2017. We Kept the concept of bazaar in order to continue providing a service of quality to our fellow citizens as well as to all those who visit Guimarães.
We select carefully the products provided to our customers, with quality and tradition. Our products are based on either natural raw materials and handcrafted manufacture or with an artisanal production process, preferably from the region or proximity, which vary throughout the year.
Diversified offer of toys, national tableware, local and regional handicrafts. Toys and games that promote inter-relational relationships and refresh memories.

Shop History

História da loja (ING) Store created in 1910 with the name of Drogaria Moderna, it was adapting to the changes of society, altering the offer of services and articles. It was a glassware and tableware store and, back in the sixties, it added toys to its offer.
Since its creation, it has remained in the same family, currently in the fifth generation. Over time, it was a place of defense of values and civic intervention, with several family members participating in the political, social and cultural life of Guimarães, in the exercise of public positions and in the direction of Guimarães associations. It has a tradition of commemorating the establishment of the Republic. In the estate of both the family and the store there are several official documents, letterhead from different periods, invoices and other documents that illustrate the history of the store. The oldest official document is dated 1913, from the Ministry of Defense. We also have several working tools and articles from different periods, some of which are on display in the store’s museum space.

Products and Services

Toys, Games, Tableware, Cutlery and Handicraft.

Business Hours

segunda-feira 10:30 19:15
terça-feira 10:30 19:15
quarta-feira 10:30 19:15
quinta-feira 10:30 19:15
sexta-feira 10:30 19:15
sábado 10:30 19:15
domingo 11:00 18:30
Additional information:

On holidays the business hours is the same as on Sundays


Parish: União das freguesias de Oliveira, São Paio e São Sebastião
Address: Rua Rainha Dona Maria II 88-92 R/C, 4800-431 Guimarães
Postal Code: 4800-431 Guimarães

General Data

Main activity: Home, décor and DIY
Opening Year: 1910
Main Code of Economic Activity (CAE): 47650