Caçarola 1

  • Caçarola 1

  • When you enter Caçarola 1 you can choose the seafood you want for your meal

  • Caçarola 1 has a counter for those who want to eat more quickly

  • There is also another dining room for longer meals

  • The owner - Graça Mortágua

The Shop

The history of this restaurant began in 1976 with two brothers, Mário Esteves and Graça Mortágua. The latter invited his sister, who was immigrating to France, to come to Figueira da Foz to open Caçarola, now Caçarola 1, together.
In 1980 they also opened Caçarola 2 and, around 1982, the partnership dissolved and the brother Mário Esteves took over the management of Caçarola 2, also an establishment with history, with Graça Mortágua remaining with Caçarola 1. However, the Friendship and Love of brothers did not dissolve, only the society.

Shop History

Upon entering this restaurant it is impossible not to notice the live seafood aquarium, where we can choose the crab or the lobster we want them to prepare. We go downstairs to a first room that immediately impresses us with its large counter, where they serve quick meals like soup or a good steak accompanied by a beer. If we want a more complete meal, there are tables and another dining room.
We also can’t fail to marvel at the boat where fresh fish is displayed every day and where we are presented with meals that can be prepared on the spot, or even in the refrigerator where fresh seafood such as barnacles, oysters and shrimp from the coast are displayed.
If we prefer, we can also choose from the menu, such as codfish à Caçarola or steak à Caçarola among many other meat, fish and seafood options.
Its decoration makes us feel like we’re in a typically Portuguese house. Here, we see tile panels that refer to fishing and the sea, and which were made from old photographs of Figueira da Foz. We also have many ceramic plates, many of them, clients’ gifts and works of art by great artists such as Mário Silva, Roxxane, Tesha and Zé Penicheiro, scattered around the walls of the two dining rooms.
Scattered around the restaurant, there are also photographs of illustrious people who came here to eat, such as António Sala, Camilo Castelo Branco, Maria José Valério, Rui de Carvalho and Simone d’Oliveira.

Products and Services


Business Hours

segunda-feira 12:00 22:30
terça-feira 12:00 22:30
quinta-feira 12:00 22:30
sexta-feira 12:00 22:30
sábado 12:00 22:30
domingo 12:00 22:30
Additional information:

Weekly rest day: Wednesday


Parish: Buarcos e São Julião
Address: Rua Cândido dos Reis 65 R/C, 3080-155 Figueira da Foz
Postal Code: 3080-155 Figueira da Foz

General Data

Main activity: Restaurants, pubs, café and Hotels
Opening Year: 1976
Main Code of Economic Activity (CAE): 56102