Café Aviz

  • Café Aviz - Câmara Municipal do Porto

  • Café Aviz - Câmara Municipal do Porto

  • Café Aviz - Câmara Municipal do Porto

  • Café Aviz - Câmara Municipal do Porto

The Shop

The Salão de Chá Aviz is known for having one of the best known ‘Francesinhas’ (a sandwich from the city of Porto, consisting of sausage, fresh sausage, ham, cold meats and beef steak, covered with cheese later melted; it is garnished with a tomato, beer and piri-piri sauce and can be served with French fries as a side dish) in Porto, a space that invites to socialising and one of the last places in Porto where you can find a room with billiards. At the confluence of one of the busiest places in the city, this establishment continues to maintain its original identity and, at the same time, has been able to adapt to new times.

Shop History

The date of foundation of this space is unknown, but what is known is that it came up following the opening of the street of Ceuta, in 1947. There were other cafés in the vicinity, such as the Majestic or the Guarany, but this space never sought the pomposity of these establishments. The atmosphere from other times is maintained, having as a brand image the set of tiles with the figure of the Mestre de Aviz, on one of the walls of the café, and a replica of the statue of the Bronze Girl. In the 60s and 70s, it was a place visited by lawyers, politicians and students, being also a place women started to attend alone. In the 90s, some musicians stopped at the Aviz, as well as some actors who performed at the theatres of Sá da Bandeira or Rivoli, not far from there. Nowadays, it is a transversal café, which gathers different audiences.

Products and Services

Catering & Hospitality

Business Hours

segunda-feira 08:00 00:00
terça-feira 08:00 00:00
quarta-feira 08:00 00:00
quinta-feira 08:00 00:00
sexta-feira 08:00 02:00
sábado 08:00 02:00
Additional information:

Closed on Sundays


Parish: União das freguesias de Cedofeita, Santo Ildefonso, Sé, Miragaia, São Nicolau e Vitória
Address: Rua Avis 27 , 4050-075 Porto
Postal Code: 4050-075 Porto

General Data

Main activity: Restaurants, pubs, café and Hotels
Opening Year: 1947
Main Code of Economic Activity (CAE): 56301