Café Calcinha

  • Café Calcinha in 1934. PHOTO Fototeca CM Loulé

  • Inside Café Calcinha. PHOTO Helga Serodio

  • Inside Café Calcinha. PHOTO Helga Serodio

  • Merchandizing Café Calcinha. PHOTO Jorge Gomes

The Shop

Café Calcinha is located at Praça da República, number 67, ground floor, in Loulé, Portugal, about 100 meters from Largo Gago Coutinho, the city’s central square.
At the risk of the permanent closure of the doors of Café Calcinha, the Municipality of Loulé acquired the space in 2016 and recovered its whole (space, furniture, decoration) for its intrinsic historical value, as a testimony of a time and a population’s memory who justifies this element as part of their identity; a space that has had an impact on the daily lives of families, life and collective imagination and therefore deserves to be preserved, maintained and continued.
It was stated that concessionaires should ensure annual programming cultural activities, taking into account the municipal cultural agenda. Currently, the owner of Café Calcinha is the Municipality of Loulé and its highest institutional head is the Mayor, supported by a team that follows the Café Calcinha’s life.
After restoration and public tender for the concession, Café Calcinha is now being explored by a team of young entrepreneurs who maintain the image of quality and elegance for all visitors.

Shop History

Café Calcinha opened on June 5, 1929. It was also called Central, Carioca and Louletano. In a necrological announcement in the newspaper A Voz de Loulé, of July 30, 1957, about the death of José Domingos Cavaco, we got to know the nickname given to Domingos Cavaco’s children. Either by the clothes they wore or by other reasons that we do not know, because their father also had the same nickname, this nickname forever registered the name of this emblematic Café. Until the 25th of April there were two rhythms in the Café: During the day the atmosphere was peaceful and compartmentalized according to social levels. At night it changed. He would become bohemian until late hours, from the corridor where people of dubious conduct came and went.
The most distinguished visitor to the Café was António Aleixo (1899-1949). Loulé pays homage to the poet with a statue of Lagoa Henriques on the esplanade of the Café.
After the April 25 Revolution social differences dissipated. In 1976, the Café became a popular space. There were cultural events and recitals, debates, conferences, etc. Another tradition associated with Café Calcinha is the famous Folhado de Loulé to. Not to mention the carriços, fig cakes, almond sweets, D. Rodrigo.
Text: Luisa Martins

Products and Services

Café Calcinha works with Pastry, Cafeteria and Restaurant. We can find traditional and typical gastronomy, pastries and cafeteria products, from the coast to the mountains, making unique and creative the products in the daily food recipe, the traditional Folhados de Loulé, such as carriços, typical almond cookies, D. Rodrigo, queijinhos and morgados.
The products that promote local culture are the Folhados de Loulé, the Tôr wine with the "Café Calcinha" brand.

Business Hours

segunda-feira 08:00 23:00
terça-feira 08:00 23:00
quarta-feira 08:00 23:00
quinta-feira 08:00 23:00
sexta-feira 08:00 23:00
sábado 08:00 23:00
domingo 08:00 23:00


Parish: Loulé (São Clemente)
Address: Praça da República 67 R/C, 8100-270 Loulé
Postal Code: 8100-270 Loulé

General Data

Main activity: Restaurants, pubs, café and Hotels
Opening Year: 1929
Main Code of Economic Activity (CAE): 56301