Casa Amorim

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The Shop

The Casa Amorim (Amorim House) was inaugurated on the 16th of July 1949, by José Luís de Amorim and his son Jacinto Luís de Amorim.
It even happened before the opening of the Fernão de Ornelas Street, that after 3 years was finished along with the construction of the bridge that connects it to the Lavradores’ Market.
It was an investment considered risky at the time, given that commerce operated on the other side of the city in Rua do Aljube, Rua do Sabão, Rua da Alfandega, Rua da Carreira, etc.

Shop History

It became known for its slogan "A Casa Amorim suit is a suit that has no end". Since the beginning of its opening until the current times, Casa Amorim asserted itself as a store of reference and symbol of quality regarding men’s clothes. The society has altered with the times with the entrance of the heirs, guaranteeing the store’s continuity through the years.

Products and Services

It is characterised by its constant adaptation to different periods, starting in 1949 with the sale of fabric by the metre for suits, trousers, shirts, etc., moving on to Ready-to-Wear clothing at the end of the 1960s.

Business Hours

segunda-feira 09:00 19:00
terça-feira 09:00 19:00
quarta-feira 09:00 19:00
quinta-feira 09:00 19:00
sexta-feira 09:00 19:00
sábado 09:00 13:00
Additional information:

Closed on Sunday and Holidays.


Parish: Funchal (Sé)
Address: Rua Doutor Fernão Ornelas 20 , 9050-021 Funchal
Postal Code: 9050-021 Funchal

General Data

Main activity: Clothing and accessories
Opening Year: 1949
Main Code of Economic Activity (CAE): 47711