Foto Braga

  • Mira Rodrigues, owner of Foto Braga

  • The interior of Foto Braga. Here we can choose different scenarios for the photos

  • The collection of more than three thousand cameras

  • In this collection we find cameras and objects related to the activity since 1900.

  • At Foto Braga you can see old photos of Figueira da Foz.

The Shop

Foto Braga has been in business in the same location since 1900, at Rua Maestro David de Sousa, nº 64. This is the oldest photography house still open in Figueira da Foz.
Today, Foto Braga has three shops and continues to be mainly dedicated to passport photography, portraits and the registration of weddings and christenings.
The list of curiosities and objects that we find here is endless and, therefore, we can say that Foto Braga stands out for its history, for its collection of cameras and for its quality and speed, but above all, as the owner Marco António says: "each piece that is here, is a piece with history."

Shop History

Foto Braga has accompanied the evolution of photography since 1900, when photographs were made on glass film, later acetate film, through the appearance of photographic rolls, until the arrival of digital photography.
Proof of this is his enormous collection of over 3 thousand portable and studio cameras and the photographic material that has been acquired over the years either as a professional requirement or donated to Foto Braga.
In the space where the collection now stands was the studio, made of wood and surrounded by glass, where portrait photographs were taken, of soldiers, family, weddings, where people from the city, the countryside or simply holidaymakers came to take a picture.
Here we can see interesting objects connected to the activity, such as an analyser to give colour to photographs, a kind of image editor nowadays, being the oldest object we can see here a lens that dates from 1870.
Here we can also hear curious stories of how the photographers painted the backdrops for the photographs, how newlyweds would later come to take photographs in the studio or how people would come to the Foto Braga shop window to see the wedding photographs to find out who had got married.
The families that were on holiday in Figueira da Foz would also come to this shop to take family photos to send as a postcard.
Many are the memories between the city of Figueira da Foz and Foto Braga.

Products and Services

photographic services

Business Hours

segunda-feira 09:00 19:00
terça-feira 09:00 19:00
quarta-feira 09:00 19:00
quinta-feira 09:00 19:00
sexta-feira 09:00 19:00
sábado 09:00 13:00


Parish: Buarcos e São Julião
Address: Rua Maestro David de Sousa 64 R/C, 3080-395 Figueira da Foz
Postal Code: 3080-395 Figueira da Foz

General Data

Main activity: Services and repairs
Opening Year: 1900
Main Code of Economic Activity (CAE): 74200