• Fozmoto - Also known as "Luís das Vespas".

  • Fozmoto is representative of the Italian brand Vespa / Piaggio and the Japanese brand Yamaha.

  • Fozmoto

  • Fozmoto

The Shop

"Fozmoto", with 57 years, remains as a family business with experienced and qualified employees, always available to continue serving its customers with the same values as before. "Fozmoto" continues to provide a high quality commercial offer in the sale of motorcycles and their accessories, as well as technical assistance services, with quality service and transparency in business.

Shop History

In 1963, Mr. Luís Lopes Rodrigues started the long journey of this prestigious company, opening in Figueira da Foz a workshop representing the Italian brand "Vespa / Piaggio", a brand which will have remained forever associated with him and gave him the nickname "Luís das Vespas".
In 1975, and always with an innovative vision, one of his characteristic, he opened a new company "Foz-Sociedade Comercial de Motociclos, Lda", on the main avenue of the city, next to the City Hall and also started to represent, besides “Vespa”, the Japanese brand "Yamaha" (both leaders in the market) for the municipalities of Figueira da Foz, Motemor-o-Velho and Condeixa.
In the 60s and 70s, it was a very important commercial space, especially for those who could not afford for a vehicle which would allow them to drive daily to work. The people looking for Mr. Luís were mostly factory workers and fishermen. Mr. Luís who trusted in their seriousness and honour, promptly used to tell them: "Take it and pay when possible". This attitude, always faithful to the maxim: "A client, a friend" was a great contribution to his business prosperity, which nicknamed him until today as "Luís das Vespas".
The "Motocross" Stand, currently called "Fozmoto", remains a reference in the sale of motorcycles and their accessories not only in the city but also in the neighbouring counties.

Products and Services

Motorcycles and accessories

Business Hours

segunda-feira 09:00 19:00
terça-feira 09:00 19:00
quarta-feira 09:00 19:00
quinta-feira 09:00 19:00
sexta-feira 09:00 19:00
sábado 09:00 13:00


Parish: Buarcos e São Julião
Address: Avenida Saraiva de Carvalho 126 R/C, 3080-055 Figueira da Foz
Postal Code: 3080-055 Figueira da Foz

General Data

Main activity: Services and repairs
Opening Year: 1975
Main Code of Economic Activity (CAE): 45401