Majestic Café

  • Majestic Café - Câmara Municipal do Porto

  • Majestic Café - Câmara Municipal do Porto

  • Majestic Café - Câmara Municipal do Porto

  • Majestic Café - Câmara Municipal do Porto

The Shop

On December 17, 1921 by the authorship of the architect João Queiroz, opened a luxurious café with the name of Elite, located on Rua Santa Catarina, the most central place in the city. More than a coffee, the Majestic tells the history of Oporto. The port of the Twenties, the political tertulias and the debate of ideas. The port of the "Bélle époque ", the writers and the artists. Situated on the street of Santa Catarina, pedestrian Avenue of commerce and promenade of the Society of then and now, illuminated the promenade with its Art Nouveau décor. Inside, the scent of the Velvet benches and the varnished Woods was inhaled, confounding the five senses in the decorated and abundant plaster ceilings mirrored in Flemish crystal. Marble and metal ligated with unparalleled refinement. In the back the nature lured through the winter garden, which connected the street of Santa Catarina to the street of Passos Manuel. On this distant day, the day of the inauguration was marked in the city.

Shop History

The café had honors and distinctions and received a distinguished visit, the Aviator pilot, and later Admiral, Gago Coutinho (who always appears accompanied by beautiful women), just arriving from another risky journey to the island of Madeira. So pleasantly surprised was the splendor of the new establishment that returned there several times to be able to contemplate the beauty of all the details that compose it, one of which in the company of the famous actress Beatriz Costa. Although the opening to the public was a success, the denomination attributed to the establishment gave it a monarchic aura that did not match the Republican, bourgeois and chic environment of contemporary portuenses. The glamour and the Parisian cultural elite were references to the Portuguese culture of the height, having influenced the choice of the new name – Majestic – impregnated with charm "Belle époque ".

Products and Services

Majestic Café, from a small ‘ mimo ‘ to a luxurious meal… Another attraction is the specialities of the Majestic, as in the case of the French toast wrapped in a gentle cream of eggs and dried fruit, a delight that perfectly accompanies the tea or coffee on the coldest days.

Business Hours

segunda-feira 09:30 23:30
terça-feira 09:30 23:30
quarta-feira 09:30 23:30
quinta-feira 09:30 23:30
sexta-feira 09:30 23:30
sábado 09:30 23:30
Additional information:

Closed on sundays.


Parish: União das freguesias de Cedofeita, Santo Ildefonso, Sé, Miragaia, São Nicolau e Vitória
Address: Rua de Santa Catarina 112 , 4000-442 Porto
Postal Code: 4000-442 Porto

General Data

Main activity: Restaurants, pubs, café and Hotels
Opening Year: 1921
Main Code of Economic Activity (CAE): 56301