Santos & Irmão, Lda.

  • Santos & Irmão, Lda. - João Queirós

  • Santos & Irmão, Lda. - João Queirós

  • Santos & Irmão, Lda. - João Queirós

  • Santos & Irmão, Lda. - João Queirós

The Shop

In this centenary establishment its history is also told us through its furniture, equipment and working tools. We are transported for a trip to the past through photographs, frames, gilded carvings, desks, lamps and more. We also discover the office of restoration and respect for traditions but with eyes and heart in the future.

Shop History

This is the first molding workshop in the city of Porto. It was founded in 1858 by two brothers, António and José dos Santos, two modest workers who had the dream of life. In 1916 Jose dos Santos died. The brother continues the business that was already imposed in the national market due to its great quality of service. In 1933 his four children were at the head of the company maintaining and consolidating the prestige of this workshop and establishment. After the death of the four brothers, the business is kept in the family with the son of one of these brothers, Joaquim Dias dos Santos Oliveira and later the niece Maria Teresa Alves Dina dos Santos, mother of the current owner, Dolores Santos. The art of gilding and silvering with gold or silver foil is an endangered art. In Santos & Irmãos they value this craft that has improved throughout its existence. They use traditional techniques and materials to reproduce classic objects, but also to challenge the norm by creating unique and contemporary objects. Throughout its existence have been several artists who created models of frames or margins, helping to refine the art until our days. António Carneiro, Henrique Medina and Fernando Lanhas are some examples that can be pointed out. Among the awards for his work are the Bronze Medal at the Paris Universal Exhibition in 1900 and the Gold Medal at the Portuguese Industrial Exhibition in 1933.

Products and Services

Molding, gilding, restoration, photography, advice, manufacture.

Business Hours

segunda-feira 09:30 19:00
terça-feira 09:30 19:00
quarta-feira 09:30 19:00
quinta-feira 09:30 19:00
sexta-feira 09:30 19:00
sábado 09:30 13:00
Additional information:

Closed on Sunday.


Parish: União das freguesias de Cedofeita, Santo Ildefonso, Sé, Miragaia, São Nicolau e Vitória
Address: Travessa Liceiras 1 , 4000-323 Porto
Postal Code: 4000-323 Porto

General Data

Main activity: Arts and crafts
Opening Year: 1858
Main Code of Economic Activity (CAE): 16291