Sociedade de Aprestos para Navios, Lda

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The Shop

"Sociedade de Aprestos para Navios, Lda. It is one of the last maritime equipment stores that remain in operation in Cais de Sodré, where there were eight in the past. This an activity and a commercial specialty that was predominant in the area, both in commercial spaces and in factory and which is now reduced to two adjacent spaces and in marine workshop and which is now reduced to two adjacente stores. To this landmark in the city arrive former customers either from the store in “Ribeira Nova” or from the new firm acquired, being professionals linked to the shipping activity, both portuguese and foreigners. As one of the naval equipment stores in Cais do Sodré, its existence is affirmed as a stronghold of an activity rooted in Portuguese history and culture and that originated in the 15th-16th centuries. In the heyday of shipbuilding and repair in the city of Lisbon.

Shop History

The company of “Aprestos para Navios, Lda” started its work in 1942 at “Rua da Ribeira Nova, 22-24”. Keeping the company and its name, it changed its location in 2013 to “Avenida 24 de Julho, 2 E/F/G”. This company occupied a store, “A Vasques Lda” (which closed years earlier) which got it for trespassing on the company “Firma Serafim”. It marketed the same produtcs, shipping rush thus continuing the activity here carried out since always and also developed by the company of “Aprestos para Navios”.

Products and Services

Nautical Equipment

Business Hours

segunda-feira 09:00 18:00
terça-feira 09:00 18:00
quarta-feira 09:00 18:00
quinta-feira 09:00 18:00
sexta-feira 09:00 18:00
Additional information:

Closes Saturday and Sunday


Parish: Misericórdia
Address: Avenida 24 de Julho 2 E/F/G , 1200-478 Lisboa
Postal Code: 1200-478 Lisboa

General Data

Main activity: Services and repairs
Opening Year: 1942
Main Code of Economic Activity (CAE): 46690